Ebook site anymo.co is devoted to user privacy and our policy below and explains our main principles in sustaining user confidence and belief and defending your personal data. If you visit us, you can fully trust that the source doesn't gather and save any personal information about you, still sometimes we may collect the information which has your browser: IP address, the browser type, what your URL have used and when. We assure you that this information is needed in order to improve the quality of our service. We also want to announce that we can sometimes share this gathered information with some third-parties, but only with a purpose to make our resource work better. For instance, if any group of users looks for a special literature or clicks the same advertisements, we can pick and share this data with third-parties to make up targeting advertising or to suggest these users more literature of the same type. We strictly follow all laws about personal information safety to protect our right and users' safety.

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